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This is my dynamic Calendar Date Picker. You can have an unlimited number on the page. The year range can be either an absolute range, ie (1980 to 2020); or relative to the current year, ie (-30, +20); or a combination of both. If you specify a range above 1000 it will be an absolute range, if you specify the range less than 1000 it will be relative to the current year. For example, the range (1980 to -1) means from 1980 to last year. The Calendar also automagically knows if you are using one text box or three drop downs as the following examples show. Note: it is recommended to fill your dropdowns in the PHP, C# or VB code behind as I have done; this allows your server-side code to see any changes that the client-side JavaScript made. Utilizing PHP, this is now 100% cross-browser compatible.
Range: 1900 to -21: